Welcome Residents!

Active Building Resident Portal: As previously mentioned, the resident portal is a new, more streamlined way to do a lot of the things you’ve already been doing, such as: Online payments, submitting work orders, and tracking packages. The resident portal also offers new ways to connect and interact with your community and neighbors, including a community event calendar, messages and chat, bulletin wall posts, community groups, and more! Overall, it’s just an easier platform for you to use with more user options.

How to sign up for Active Building:
You should have received an email to setup a log in. Open the email and follow the directions. If you did not receive and email you can also go to the property home page and click resident login, after that you can click new account, and follow the directions. This page has resident settings similar to Facebook settings. You can change the notification settings to your preferred set up. Please review your email for further instruction to follow. Also, at any time if you have a question click on the “Help” link on the top right corner of active building.  

Resident Portal


Shuttle Schedule: 

Option 1 -

Option 2 - 

The DTA runs a shuttle service at Campus Park. Please check out their website for the most current route times:


Remember: Students ride free with your student ID!


Snow Removal Process:

Here are the details: This snow removal action plan will be effective if 3 or more inches of snow accumulate. That means all residents must be conscious of potential snowstorms, so that you can move your vehicle to make room for snow removal. Text alerts and an email blast will be sent out the day before the removal begins, but we are asking you to be aware as to when your vehicle should be moved.

Snow removal will be done by zones, each assigned with a specific time and are classified by color. The zone section is posted in each lot and on the map. Please reference the attached maps for precise times for each zone. During the time in which your specified zone is to be plowed, you MUST move your vehicle. If not, you will be towed. Snow removal will begin at 7:00 am and will continue until 4:30 pm. These time frames are firm and will be enforced for each zone to ensure that the snow is removed promptly. Please reference the below map for these zones.


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